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sensolern Stimulation Cards, “A Story Behind”

sensolern Flashcards, a Story behind

A short story behind each picture we used in our eye/brain stimulation and early education flashcards.

Based on our development of the “mother’s lap school” theory. We believe this kind of education is essential for children’s future, especially during the massive development of artificial intelligence and micro-robotics technology. 

The story behind SOMBRERO - card from sensoloern eyes/brain stimulation 3 to 6 months


Do you know that the Mexican hat sombrero comes from the word “Sombra”?

Sombra means shadow in Spanish, and in Latin, Umbra, which means shadow or shade.

The sombrero is a large hat used in Mexico to protect the face and eyes from the sun’s heat. It is originally made of straw, which makes it easy to carry. However, some are made into celebratory designs and worn by mariachi bands at festivals.

Some types of sombrero hats are:

  • The Calentano
  • The Zapata
  • The Charro

SOMBRERO – From our Flashcards set 3 to 6 months

The story behind LOVE - card from sensoloern eyes/brain stimulation 0 to 3 months


The love between a parent and their children is unlike any other. It is a special bond that can never be broken. It is an unconditional and timeless love that transcends all boundaries.

The intimacy between a parent and their children is one of the most beautiful things in the world. With cuddles, soft touches, and care, this kind of love can bring so much happiness and passion into our lives. This kind of love doesn’t end, it just keeps growing stronger with time.

It is something that no one else can understand or experience in the same way as parents do with their children. The bond between them will last forever and will always be filled with unconditional love.

LOVE – From our Flashcards set 0 to 3 months

sensolern flashcards featured an image of a mother and baby looking at a flashcard of the Berlin Wall, which represents love and multiculturalism


It is important to instil in our babies the right values and discard racism and discrimination. Love, peace, respect, understanding and caring for one another are the values we need to live happily.

PEACE AND LOVE – from our flashcards set 9 to 12 months

warli art - mother and little girl


Warli art is a traditional form of tribal art that originated in the Warli tribe of Maharashtra, India. This art form dates back to the 10th century AD and is known for its simple, vibrant, and rustic style.

Warli art is typically done on mud walls, but nowadays, it is also created on paper, cloth, and other surfaces. The art usually consists of simple geometric shapes such as circles, triangles, and squares, and uses mainly white pigment made from rice paste or chalk, applied to a red ochre background.

The themes of Warli art often depict social and cultural events such as weddings, harvests, and dances, as well as the daily life of the tribe, nature, and their beliefs. The figures in the art are usually depicted in a stick-figure form, with their hands and legs in different postures, and often holding objects like drums and arrows.

Warli art has gained popularity and recognition in recent years and is now appreciated worldwide for its simplicity, beauty, and cultural significance.

Warli art – from our flashcards set 3 to 6 months