Cheese and Mouse Threading Game


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Who’s been eating their way through the cheese? The little mouse, of course! This pretty threading game made of clear-lacquered, FSC® 100%-certified beechwood will train motor skills and patience.
With a little dexterity, this little mouse can be playfully and easily threaded through the piece of cheese, training the fine motor skills of the fingers.


  • Threading game of FSC® 100%-certified wood in the shape of a piece of cheese
  • The mouse and cheese encourage children to playfully practise the act of threading
  • Particularly easy for children’s hands to grip
  • A compact pastime toy that’s ideal for trips
  • Trains hand-eye coordination and concentration
  • High-quality, clear-lacquered beechwood

Product Features

Dimensions:approx. 12 x 5 x 5.5 cm
RRP €:8,99
Brand:small foot
EAN code:4020972110534
Age recommendation:3+
Weight incl. Packaging:0,14
Page Main Catalog:77
Special features:Strongly recommended product
Packaging:small foot-coloured box
Certificate:FSC® 100%


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