sensolern Stimulation Cards from 9 months


sensolern Contrast Flashcards for infants’ eye/brain stimulation. A perfect tool for stimulating your little one’s cognitive development and preparing them for preschool.


sensolern Stimulation Cards from 9 months are the perfect tool for stimulating your little one’s cognitive development from 9 months. These beautifully crafted cards feature high-contrast images and a range of textures to engage your baby’s senses and encourage early learning. Shop now and help your baby reach their developmental milestones in a fun and interactive way with Sensolern Flashcards.

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Arouse curiosity + develop cognitive & social skills + improve brain-eye coordination + create memory anchors in the daily routine + promote speaking skills + give self-confidence +

How to use the sensolern Stimulation Cards from 9 months?

Before you show your baby the card, look at the picture for a few seconds and then start chatting. Your baby will enjoy listening to your voice and the learning process will begin.

Let your baby choose a card, then use the keywords provided to tell stories about the different cultures and the art about them.

(We encourage you to let your imagination run wild to tell your own stories)

product features

Packaging: 100% recycled paper
Cards: 400 g/m² art paper, quality printing with an additional UV protective layer (scratch-resistant cellophane film for long-lasting use)
Hygiene: You can wipe the cards with a slightly damp cloth.
Safety: We used round corners to avoid injury.
Environment: The paper we use is environmentally friendly and FSC certified.

Additional information

Weight0,3 kg
Dimensions16,5 × 16,5 × 0,8 cm



9 to 12 plus months


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